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We decided to head up into Innsbruck, Austria to check out the Alpencup dog show.

Rather than the usual comments...let's see what the dogs are thinking....

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Berner on Guard!"I'm SOOOOoooo Bored!""Ahhh, we are so beautiful!""Sure you sleep, I'll stand guard, RUFF!""All dressed up and no place to go.""Where's my coffee?!""HEY, HEY...I DON'T have a temperature!""What are you looking at? Never seen a man w/a bow in his hair before?""AHhhhhhhhh, my topknot is TOOOO tight!""Would you please hurry up...there are some bitches over there.""Still waiting...""U are mah bestest frend!""Look at the hind quarters on that bitch!""Pant...pant...pant""Muh, smooooch, muh, muah...."Brussels...Brussels #2Brussels #3Bitch #2 Again